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This month's Client Spotlight

Happy November Bixie Babes!

This week we'll be sharing with you our client spotlight, a new blog we'll be posting every couple of months taking a dive into some of our favourite clients' styling and colour choices, their hair inspo and a little bit about them!

Our client spotlight this month will be on one of Sheree's first clients, Laura Dundovic.

Many of you may know Laura as an actress, model and Miss Universe Australia 2008. With a modest 100,000+ Instagram followers, Laura is one of Australia's most hard working and revered style icons.

Laura and Sheree have formed a very close professional relationship over the years, and if you didn't know Laura before (in which case, what rock are you hiding under?!), you may recognise her from the Bixie Instagram page.

We sat down with Laura this week to ask her all about her hair journey over the years and to learn a little bit more about her!

What is your favourite hair look that you and Sheree have achieved together in the years you've been seeing her?

"We all know Sheree is the absolute Queen of blondes. I've always loved how blonde she can take me without damaging my hair and still making it look so natural. I must say though that the brown transformation she has done I am just loving. I never trust anyone to do anything new but with her I let her do whatever she wants!"

What is your holy grail hair care product?

"I can't live without hairspray. I love a slick bun. It saves me washing my hair every day and it's one style I know will stay put."

When getting ready for an event, what is your favourite way to style your hair?

"I love an up-do. I think it makes the outfit look chic and polished. I am loving a 90's blow wave at the moment though!"

What is one thing many people may not know about you?

"I know every word to every song. I am always singing or dancing (another reason I love Bixie, the playlists are always on point) and I love karaoke. I have a terrible voice but I don't care. It makes it even more fun!

Known for her golden locks and a blonde at heart, Laura and Sheree decided before the second Sydney Covid lockdown to switch things up and go darker. The two always use Hailey Bieber as their style muse, so when they noticed that Hailey began to embrace her natural hair earlier this year, they decided to jump right on the trend with Laura's roots and grew them out over the lockdown period.

Over the years they have had lots of fun playing with Laura's look and following all of the major styling and colour trends, including balayage, face pops and even trying out a pastel pink! We've included a small gallery of Laura's looks over the years below:

This image and all associated copyright is owned by @lauradundovic Instagram page.

This image and all associated copyright is owned by @lauradundovic Instagram page.

This image and all associated copyright is owned by @lauradundovic Instagram page.

We are beyond privileged to have such an amazing woman and fashion icon grace our salon with her beautiful presence every time she and Sheree have an appointment, and we cannot wait to see what the two come up with for Laura's next look!

Stay tuned on the Bixie blog for more client spotlights to learn a little more about some of our most stylish clients, and who knows, maybe they'll inspire your next look too!

Until next time,

Love Team Bixie xx


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