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Training Testimonials

Discover what some of our colleagues and peers
have to say about Bixie's eduction and training programs below.

I wanted to say how much I Enjoyed and Learned attending your London class and the Bixie experience. I had been discussing hair and education to a friend saying I felt I was lagging behind and needed to up my game in the forever changing world of hair colour & technique. I was feeling overwhelmed and deflated.

Cara said if I had to choose one class to go on that year then Bixie was the answer and boy was she right ! The class was so friendly and the Bixie team taught me so much from placement, application product knowledge that I came home buzzing and couldn’t wait to try out everything I learned. Your lived in colour techniques were so easy to follow and your passion so addictive that I came away a more confident hairdresser I absolutely loved it. Thank you again and so look forward to attending more classes.

Debbie Moulton - Freelance Hairstylist

Your foiling technique has literally changed my blonde business, clients are loving there result, we are getting more word of mouth referrals and it’s cut 45 minutes off my timing which means I’ve had made room for another appointment therefore generating more income BOOM.

Thanks to the Bixie Team for being such an inspiration xx

Carlie Bridle

Each of my staff have gone out of their way to tell me how much they enjoyed our morning. Some of the comments -
‘That was the best training I have ever had’, ‘I usually get one or two things out of a training session and this time I can’t even count how many!’, ‘The girls were both so nice and normal with no ego’, and ‘They felt like just one of us’.
So thank you sooooo much for all your hard work and I am so so glad we chose BIXIE to inspire our team after a tough year.

Haylee Guy - Miller & Green

Sheree - Just wanted to let you know I missed you last time you were on and have been waiting months to watch you! Can’t wait to watch the playback on this. Thank you TSF (The Secret Fox) for having her back.

Evan Stowers

Wow thank you Sheree and the Team!! This is one of my favourite education videos!!! I have taken so many notes and learnt so many new techniques!! I will be rewatching these videos over and over!

Samantha Crawford

Your session with SF (Secret Fox) has been a game changer for our salon! It not only gave us fresh new techniques & and our foiling game has never been stronger, but helped us sort out a multitude of small things that needed tweaking, like timing, consultations & sectioning tips to name a few, that when implemented into our daily routines made a world of difference!

Thank you Sheree Knobel for sharing.

Kerrie DiMattia