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have to say about Bixie Colour

Redken Editorial Image for Bixie ColourI would like to offer a formal recommendation for Sheree Knobel and the Bixie Colour team. I have personally worked with the Bixie team for approximately three years and am confident that they would be valid recipients of the team award.

The REDKEN / Bixie relationship initiated 3 years ago. Demonstrating strong leadership skills Sheree managed to engage her team on a journey that would begin a shift of personalised education in the Hairdressing industry. Practicing their independence from Multinational companies the Bixie Colour team travelled both locally and internationally imparting their unique skills and knowledge to further elevate hairdressing.

The Bixie Colour teams ability to teach and influence with enthusiasm is both inspiring and motivating.

The REDKEN team believes Bixie Colour are beacons of excellence, not only in the quality of hairdressing they manage to deliver but also in the influence and support they offer the hairdressing community.

I highly recommend Sheree and her amazing team for the team award.

Erwin Santos - Brand General Manager REDKEN

Bixie Colour Client Laura Dundovic ImageI have been seeing Sheree for six years now and have never been happier! I have moved to three different states over this period and still fly to see her!

Before Sheree, I never experimented with my cut or colour. Now because I have so much trust I have let her and her team make so many changes. Going short, cutting a fringe, going very blonde and even going pink! I know no matter what she does to my hair, I will love it!

The thing I love most about her colours is that it always looks natural. No matter how light or dark she takes you, it always looks like you were born with that hair colour.

Laura Dundovic - Australian Model, Actress & Miss Universe Australia 2008

Bixie Colour Client Thalia Giumelli ImageI have known Sheree eight years now and I wished I had known her longer. I don’t really know how to explain just how incredible this woman is in a few short paragraphs. Sheree is the heart and soul of Bixie and it shows the minute you walk in the door of her salon, every visit feels like I am being greeted by family and friends.

As a full-time model, I rely on two things to help me get work and that’s clear skin and beautiful hair, so there is only one person in the world I would trust to colour my hair. Sheree has turned me from Brunette to Blonde to Blonde and back again multiple times for my work, with no damage and always creating a look that comes across as natural and authentic. I am always complimented by hair stylist on how amazing my colour looks and I am so proud to let them know Sheree is my colourist.

Sheree is passionate about her clients, her staff and most of all hair. She is constantly trying to educate herself and intern always educating others too. I am proud and honoured that Sheree and the Bixie Team are part of my team and people I can call friends.

Thalia Burgess - Australian Model, Actress, Miss Universe Australia Finalist 2017 & Ambassador for Crohn’s & Colitis Australia