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The new haircare treatment you'll be dying to own!

Hi Bixie Babes!

Seeing as we’re still in lockdown and unable to visit the salon to treat our hair (nooo!), we’re going to be chatting today about a revolutionary new treatment that is taking the hair world by storm!

Easy to use straight from your very own bathroom, K18 is your one-stop product for all the vitamins and enrichment your hair could possibly need. 

Now, you may be thinking:

"But guys, I already use Olaplex, and that does wonders for my hair - what’s the difference?”

Well, as amazing a product as Olaplex is, K18 will achieve the same (if not better!) results for your hair in under FOUR MINUTES!

Say goodbye to waiting 15-20 minutes in the shower with treatment dripping off your ends as you wait patiently for the time to tick by, K18 will provide you all the benefits of an in-salon treatment with the same wait time as your standard variety conditioner!

So what is K18?

Currently abuzz across social media, K18 is a leave in treatment that repairs the integral structure of each strand of hair. As this product contains the same amino acids that deliver keratin protein naturally to your hair, it has the ability to reverse breakage and damage.

Little known fact about this product VS. Olaplex:

The product goes into the cortex of your hair and seals it, and since it is a peptide bond, it holds on to the protein that your hair structure is made of. It works to repair damage differently than Olaplex does: Olaplex works on the cystine bond of your hair, while K18 works on the polypeptide chain.  

Basically, Olaplex is great for our colour-treated gals, however if you are dealing with higher amounts of breakage from heat styling and just every day wear and tear, K18 may be a better suited product to your hair's needs.

Have we sold you yet? Here is just how easy K18 is to use at home:

1. Shampoo your hair (do not condition), and towel dry until damp
2. Begin with 1 pump of K18 mask and add more as needed depending on the length, thickness and condition of your hair. Work in evenly, from ends to root
3. Leave the mask in for four minutes
4. Do not rinse out, style hair as usual

And voila! In four easy steps, you'll walk out of your bathroom feeling as though you've just had a trip to the salon!

We have also left below a few beginner do's and don'ts when first applying K18:

  • Do use a clarifying shampoo if you’re a heavy product or dry shampoo user
  • Do dry thoroughly with hair towel or turban before application
  • Do wait the full 4 minutes before styling or applying another product
  • Do use every 4-6 shampoos consecutively to see and feel the full results
  • DON’T condition your hair before applying K18
  • DON’T use too much
  • DON'T rinse out after application

K18 is now available for purchase at Bixie Colour. If you have any further questions regarding this product, please reach out to your stylist or any of our socials and we will be able to assist you in finding if this product is right for you.

Until next time, stay safe Bixie fam!

All Our Love,

Team Bixie x

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