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How to blend blonde regrowth in lockdown!

As any blonde will tell you, not being able to see your hairdresser for a root touch up is nothing short of a nightmare. With Sydney’s current lockdown extended until the end of August, many of our blonde sisters will be feeling the despair, so we’ve put together 7 tips and tricks to help blend your regrowth.

  1. Try parting your hair to the side and applying dry shampoo or baby powder. Dry shampoo can often be used to lighten the roots, and a side part will fall softer than a traditional middle part, giving the illusion of neatly blended roots.



2. Braids! The perfect chic, lougney hairdo for any gal stuck inside, braids will make your regrowth look cool, and what’s more, you can sleep in them for days! And if you’re a girl who likes her hair out, try a long braid along your hairline coupled with a light hairspray to manage any flyaways.


3. While we’ve got the extra time, give your hair a little TLC and wash it regularly! The oiler your hair is, the more your regrowth will become apparent. If you’re worried about overwashing, use a sulphate free shampoo to lock in moisture and prevent colour from fading too fast.


4. Try rocking a sleek bun! Couple this with oils or serums, this look is not only extremely in style right now, it will give your blonde locks a darker and more blended appearance.


Image credit: Bixie babe & one of our fave clients, Laura Dundovic (@lauradundovic)


5. Ok, now stay with us on this one: enhance your roots with a brown touch up spray. While some blondes may shudder at the thought of adding more dark colour to their growing roots, a brown touch up spray will remove the harsh grow out line between your blonde and natural roots! Just spray lightly and rub in immediately to create a smudge effect. Voila, no more harsh roots!

6. Toning shampoo is your new BFF. Make sure to use a toning shampoo once a week to keep your ends from growing brassy. Routine use of a toner when washing will also help to blend regrowth.



7. PATIENCE! Please resist the urge to DIY and wait for us, we beg of you! We know you must be itching to embrace your old blonde self, but think about all the amazing post-lockdown transformation pics you’ll be able to post once we’re back in the salon together again! 

See you soon babes!!

Love, Team Bixie xx

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