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The new product we're OBSESSED with - K18 Molecular Hair Repair Oil

Happy May Bixie Babes!

While the weather may be cooling down, forcing some to go into semi-hibernation mode, things here at Bixie Colour could not be different! We are constantly on the look out for amazing products and treatments to keep our cool girl blondes and warm brunettes looking vibrant during the winter months, and we have a great new product range launching in the salon this month we'd like to share with you all.

This May we are absolutely obsessed with K18 Molecular Hair Repair Oil! For our gals who may be struggling with damaged hair from heat styling, or other environmental factors (hello random winter chill that hit Sydney last week), K18 Molecular Hair Repair Oil provides the perfect solution. With advanced molecular technology, this revolutionary oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft to repair from the inside out, helping restore your hair's natural beauty and vitality.

If you've been around the salon of late, you may have been recommended K18 Molecular Hair Repair Oil from you stylist. As a preventative measure, we recommend using K18 on every hair type, whether you love to style your hair with heat tools of a weekend, or whether you just want to maintain your colour and shine in between salon visits! Best part is, K18 will also help prevent breakage and split ends, meaning if you're growing your hair out, you can ensure less requests from your stylists to "trim a bit off"!

Whether you're due for your next appointment or just looking for ways to protect your locks this icy winter, come pay us a visit at Bixie Colour to grab a bottle today!

All our love,

Bixie Colour xx

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