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The Bixie Colour Salon Renovation // A Splash of Miami meets Palm Springs Vibes

Welcome to the vibrant suburb of Caringbah, where a unique transformation has taken place. Our beloved Bixie Colour salon has undergone a stunning renovation, and the results are nothing short of breathtaking. Our new salon is a seamless blend of Miami's lively coastline and the elevated luxury that Bixie has always been known for.
From the moment you step through the doors of the newly renovated Bixie Colour salon, you'll be transported to the colorful and energetic atmosphere of Miami meets palm springs. The design team FOLK STUDIO have skill fully woven the spirit of this coastal paradise into every detail.
The renovation journey at Bixie Colour was nothing short of spectacular. Mariah from Folk studio, Steve from Tommico renovations and Sheree embarked on creating custom pieces that are not only unique but also reflective of the salon's distinctive brand. Every element within the salon was thoughtfully designed and tailored to tell the story of Bixie Colour.
One of the defining features of the new Bixie Colour salon is the use of blush tones. These soft and soothing hues create an ambiance that is both inviting and sophisticated. The blend of tumbled brass accents, pink marble, and statement clam wall lights further enhances the salon's luxurious feel. It's a perfect harmony of elegance and playfulness.
The renovation project wasn't just about the brand; it was about Sheree Knobel, the creative force behind Bixie Colour. The salon design incorporates Sheree's playful side, making it a reflection of her personality and passion for beauty and artistry. The space exudes the warmth and energy that Sheree brings to her craft.


Beyond the aesthetics, the new Bixie Colour salon is a space where clients can truly connect with their own beauty and creativity. It's a place where you can relax, rejuvenate, and be inspired. The atmosphere is not just about getting a fantastic hair color or style; it's an experience that celebrates individuality.

The Bixie Colour salon renovation is a testament to the power of design and creativity. Nestled in Caringbah, it brings the lively spirit of Miami and the luxury synonymous with Bixie together in perfect harmony. Every detail, from the custom pieces to the playful blush tones, contributes to a space that's not just a salon, but a work of art. It's a place where clients can truly experience the magic of transformation and beauty.

So, if you're looking for a place that connects you to the vibrant Miami coastline with a hint of elevated luxury, look no further than the new Bixie Colour salon. Sheree Knobel and her team have created a space that's as unique and enchanting as you are.

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