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Check out our friends at Redken and Vogue Australia's #1 in-salon service to request this month!

Happy new year Bixie fam!

Looking to refresh and revitalise your hair to reign in the New Year? Check out this Redken sponsored blog by Vogue Australia, detailing the perfect in-salon service to request this month to celebrate a new year in style. New year, new hair, new you, right?

Article by: in partnership with Redken 


If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re well-versed in colouring your hair. Your relationship with your colourist may involve heading to the salon every four to six weeks in an effort to cover peeking grays, or you may subscribe to balayage, highlights, lowlights or baby-lights. Frankly, the list of options when it comes to transforming our tresses is endless.

However, while you may have traditionally viewed hair colouring services as a means to alter the colour of your natural tresses, Redken’s pioneering in-salon service, Shades EQ Gloss, focuses on tonal tweaks to your existing colour while dialing up shine and luminosity. Why we love it? Rather than a complete colour overhaul, Shades EQ Gloss is demi-permanent, offering a colour-boost to lacklustre tresses via an ultra-conditioning formula. For more on how it actually works, read on.

It delivers unrivalled shine

We all know the feeling. You clock your reflection in the mirror and seemingly overnight, your hair has shifted from bright to bland. Sure, you may not be sporting an inch of regrowth, but that colour you painstakingly endured hours in the salon for may have lost its sparkle thanks to a host of factors including incorrect home-care or environmental aggressors like UV and pollution. That’s where Shades EQ Gloss steps in. Redken dubs their in-salon colour service ‘the colour that thinks it’s a conditioner’ for good reason. That conditioning superpower is thanks to a handful of active ingredients including cationic complex (to deeply condition strands), keracare (which prevents breakage) and coconut oil (to boost vibrancy). While this whip-smart service can certainly conceal grays, colour-correct, and tweak the overall colour of your strands, it’s conditioning formula dramatically amps up shine factor, making it the perfect service to prolong the life of your tresses between appointments. 

It works with what you already have

Consider Shades EQ Gloss the team player of the beauty salon. Whether you’re a colour chameleon who changes up their tresses frequently, or someone who has never coloured their hair: there’s a Shades EQ Gloss for you. Even if you’re partial to pastels strands (think buttery peach, pink and even baby blue), a Shades EQ Gloss could dial up the vibrancy of that colour. Meanwhile blondes may toy with a pastel-hued Gloss over their existing colour for a seasonal switch up. Balayage too – which has a tendency to throw off brassiness between appointments – can benefit from a Shades EQ Gloss to counteract golden undertones, while there are a host of Gloss shades to ensure brunette strands shine from root to tip. Moreover, Shades EQ Gloss’s are suitable for any hair texture and are completely free of ammonia. 

Time is on your side

While you probably don’t need reminding: modern life is busy. And while some of us may relish the me-time a trip to the salon brings, there’s no denying it can be an often-lengthy process. To prolong the life and shine of their clients’ colour, top stylists like Jaye Edwards and Sheree Knobel (who discovered Shades EQ Gloss early on) now see their clients monthly for a quick Gloss service, particularly between those longer salon appointments. With minimal processing time, the service sets a new record in colour services and can be complete in under half an hour. What to expect from a Shades EQ Gloss service? The formula is simply applied to strands at the basin and left to process for 20 minutes, before being washed off. It’s as simple as that. 

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