Want to know Sheree’s tricks to longer, healthier hair in no time at all?

So, you cut your hair. While a bold and dramatic decision at first, sometimes we don’t always stay in love with some of the choices we make when it comes to our hair, and ultimately decide we want to return to our luscious long locks.

While our beautiful stylists at Bixie Colour are only a short consultation away when you’re looking to try out a new hairstyle, sometimes things aren’t always as easy as a simple chop or colour.

This past month, Sheree sat down with Adore Beauty to share some of her Redken artistry expertise and discussed handy tips and tricks to implement when trying to grow out your hair back to it’s former glory.

It’s no secret that our hair stylists are the holy grail when it comes to our hair, applying what seems like a magic that we never seem to quite understand. How do they blow dry our hair to absolute perfection, and yet we make a right mess of it at home? How do they know exactly which products to use, without making our hair look stiff or over-moussed?

If you like many of us before aren’t in love with your new cut and are desperate to know the best ways to restore your hair, Sheree’s tips and tricks will have you flicking your hair Garnier-commercial style in no time at all.

Don’t take our word for it though, if you’re keen to find out Sheree’s magical secrets to luxurious long hair, check out her interview with Adore Beauty here.

And stay tuned for more beauty insider tips from the Bixie Team!

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