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What is Olaplex? You’ve seen it all over social media, but what is it?

Anyone who has been following my blog or social media for the last six months will be well aware that I am quite a fan of Olaplex. A huge fan. In fact, what I really want to do is wear pom poms on my wrists and throw Olaplex a massive ticker tape parade. Olaplex really is that good, but what exactly is Olaplex? Without wanting to get too technical, in a nutshell Olaplex is a bond multiplier. What does this mean? Basically, bleach lightens the hair by breaking its bonds; you can’t lighten hair without breaking bonds, which isn’t great news for the health of the hair. Enter Olaplex! The bond multiplier is added directly to the lightener or colour, this rebuilds and multiplies (as in, getting your more bonds than before you coloured!) the bonds in the hair, and the bond perfector finishes the job post-rinse. This allows your colourist to push the boundaries when it comes to hair lightening, with the assurance that the hair won’t be compromised, allowing it to become lighter, stronger, longer and healthier.Sounds too good to be true, right?

Before I started using Olaplex I was trialling and testing bleach after bleach trying to find one that didn’t trash my clients’ hair. I tried powder lighteners, cream lighteners; but nothing was giving me the results I wanted. I was losing hope and had actually started to say “no” to a lot of clients with dreams of lighter locks. Then, like an angel sent from above, Olaplex appeared. This product has quite thoroughly changed the way I colour hair, and given me the confidence to bleach again. I have tested it on every hair type imaginable and the results are incredible. Now, I never say “no”, I just use Olaplex.

You can probably tell from the amount of exclamation points in this blog, that I am a passionate advocate for this product. Don’t take only my word for it though…

Tracey  Cunningham – Owner Meche Salon LA

“If you have ever had clients who worry about their hair breaking off from the coloring process, tell them, ‘Don’t worry, I use Olaplex!’ Not only does it help prevent breakage, my clients tell me that their hair feels stronger, silky and fuller as well. This is a brand new hair care product unlike any other, and it makes my job a heck of a lot less stressful!”

Gina Monaci – Travelling stylist for Chelsea Handler, Los Angeles, CA

“I have never found any thing like this in my 20 years of doing colour. I have to do a high-lift touch up very two week, which means overlap. I used a low-lift with 10 volume before with okay results. Now I can use 40 volume with a high-lift bleach with beautiful colour results and the hair is in perfect conditon. I am just blown away by this product.”

Guy Tang – stylist, Los Angeles, CA

“As an evolving stylist, I test and use almost everything on the market. I can honestly say that Olaplex is a must-have weapon in my arsenal. Whenever I question the integrity of my clients’ hair, I turn to Olaplex. This stuff makes me feel reassured that I’ll get the results that Ienvisioned, and maintain the health of the hair at the same time. I love this potion. I have a new best friend I can’t live without. Happy clients equals happy stylists. This is awesome! Its what all good hair colourist have been searching for, the power to lighten your hair lighter than ever before WITHOUT breakage!

So now your thinking “I need this in my life!!” right? There’s only one way to truly know the magic – experience it for yourself!

Best you be calling us then.


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  1. Hi I was wondering if it is possible to buy opolex from you. I am a hair dresser from Geelong vic and am dying to try it out.
    Cheers jess

    • I’m sorry Jess, I am unable to supply it to you but if you call haircare australia, they will look after you. Sheree

  2. Hi.
    I used to be white blonde and I thought id do keratin to help my hair relax and smooth I lost my blonde my hair turned green and orange after washing the keratin out they put toner and still not good my hair is not even blonde anymore they had to reapply the keratin again. I was wondering if you can still use olaplex on my hair with the keratin in it? Please let me know as my hair does not match my extensions at all anymore and I don’t know what to do. And how much is it?
    Thank you

    • Hi there. From everything you have said it sounds as though your hair needs a break ( not literally) from all chemical services being bleach and straightening.
      I would recommend visiting an Olaplex salon and having a double Olaplex treatment ( which does not involve bleaching) and then buying the take home No 3 Olaplex to use once a week at home. Following that, I would find your self an amazing hair colour specialist to help you get your hair back on track. Sheree xx

  3. can olaplex only be used when colouring hair?
    or could it be used as a treatment in uncoloured virgin hair just to make hair stronger in general?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi, Olpalex can most definetly be used on virgin hair ( uncoloured hair). In fact it has been proven to re link bonds making the hair stringer, smoother and in general more manageable.

      Olaplex also recommends using it on children with wild unruly hair to help tame it.

      The shine you get from an Olaplex treatment on virgin hair is incredible.

  4. Can the take home treatment be used on virgin hair. I dont color but do straighten alot. I just want to use step two take home. Will that negatively affect the hair since i have not colored yet? Thanks

    • Yes it absolutely can be. Olapex links broken disulphides bonds. This can be due to chemical or environmental damage so it include uses straightening irons even on uncoloured hair. It will make your hair stronger, healthier and shinier. Hope this helps xxSheree

  5. Hi there,

    Almost a year ago I had my hair chemically straightened and they completely fried off my ends. I have now FINALLY cut out all the damage but I am left with a boring brown, half straightened bob.

    The length does not bother me (any more), but I’d like to lighten it and give it some funk. Normally with a chemical straightening this is a no-no. Will olaplex protect or repair my hair enough to use bleach on it?

    Thanks 🙂

  6. Hi there,
    I’ve been coloring my hair 4 times in about 1.5 years. Do you think it’s possible to use olaplex after these all coloring treatments that I did? Or the next steps of olaplex would only work if the hair has been colored with the 1st step of olaplex? And also, one last question, is it possible to buy the olaplex treatment that I can use at home at Bixie?
    Thanks a lot! 😊

    • Hi, Yes, yes and yes!
      Its never to late to start using a bond protector.
      You can use just the take-home No 3 without using the in salon treatment too.
      We sell the product for $49.95 and can do phone orders on 02 95254977 🙂

  7. Can you use olaplex on hair that hasn’t been chemically treated or dyed?
    I’ve never done anything to my hair but it’s very dry, dead and frizzy. I’ve been searching for ages for something to help my hair!

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