Trends for Spring & Summer 2015

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What differences are we seeing this spring/summer compared to last years trends in hair colour?

This Spring/summer we predict that we will still have the baliage look, but it wont be quite as extreme. We will start softening or breaking up our root area ( or natural re-growth ) with micro fine foils that almost sparkle through giving a much softer look. The root area will have more light and shade running through it and not look so blanket and heavy. We will still keep our gorgeous baliage but refresh it with warmer and softer tones.

Blondes are getting warmer over all, with tones such as honey, apricots, peach,rose gold and gold. Any kind of golden tone whether its rich and glorious or sweet and soft. These tones create a dazzling shine on the hair and creating a glow. It’s time to embrace your inner warmth.

If warming up isn’t your thing, then try tones that are more subtle like pastel champagne’s, warm beige and soft flesh tones. When applied as foils or subtle baliage, these tones are known to compliment all skin types. On brunettes, during the cooler months , we saw everyone breaking up their solid colours with baliage. This spring summer we will also be breaking up the root colour with micro fine spaced out foils using warmer subtle tones such as light golden brown, soft auburn browns and warm caramels. These tones will shimmer through the roots area breaking up the heavyness and giving an overall lighter glow.

On redheads we will also see a play on tones in the hair. The highlights will be chosen to mimic the same colour as the base colour. For example if your hair is a mahogany red, the undertone is a pinky/red so the lighter foils will be a play on those tones.

Colour shine treatments are a great way to extend the life of your hair colour and are also great to do in between colours to refresh and revive the hair.

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