Balayage looks like it is here to stay and as much as we love it, our clients have been asking… what’s next? That’s a simple answer – it’s Babylights.

Babylights! Yes, the buzzword you’ve seen popping up on your insta feed is definitely a trend that is gaining serious momentum. What is it, you ask? Well, you know when you look at pictures of yourself as a little kid, you have those little pieces of hair that have been naturally and perfectly lightened by all the time you spent in the sunshine? Well babylights is designed to recapture exactly that.

I first encountered the babylight technique through my hair colour IDOL, Tracey Cunningham (if this name is news to you, Google it, your life will be changed). Basically it involves the expert application of super fine highlights through the frame of the face, as well as through the top layer and ends of the hair to brighten the colour precisely where the sun would naturally lighten it.

It’s this subtlety that also means babylights can work on any hair colour. Basically on darker hair, the highlight is uniquely customised such that it is two to three shades lighter than the natural hair colour.

The delicacy of babylights is all in the application. The application is very similar to highlights; the difference lies in the amount of hair in each foil. Babylights require a super fine micro weave to give the illusion of natural colour. This means it takes time though, so if you want loads of babylights be prepared to spend quite a bit of time with your colourist, patience is key. And what else to you get for your efforts? Aside from a stunning, natural looking colour, babylights are also super low maintenance because the micro weave means there is no demarcation line. Translation: no obvious regrowth.

So, if you’re looking to try something new come and lets us “babylight your fire” as The Doors might say.

All photo’s are courtesy on Pintrest.