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What we learn with pleasure we never forget – Alfred Mercier

It’s no secret that we at Bixie Colour take great pleasure in bringing to life our clients’ vision for their hair, but we are also equally avid about our craft and we love to share our skills and knowledge. This passion has led to the birth of our new baby: our in-house shadowing trainee programs. Through this program we hope to connect with emerging and professional hair colourists and stylists, and work together to expand their skill-set and rediscover forgotten talents. We also offer workshops throughout the year to present new colour trends, styling techniques and product developments, all designed to give you the Bixie touch.


Shadowing Program with Sheree KnobelSHADOWING PROGRAM

The Bixie Colour Shadowing Program was specifically developed after Sheree Knobel spent time with world renown celebrity colourist Tracey Cunningham of Meche Salon in Los Angeles.

“Watching Tracey work was an incredible experience. She is my colour idol, and I learnt so much from her in the time we shared. It’s obvious to see that her passion and skills translate into every part of her work, and it’s those exact qualities and standards that I want to instill at Bixie Colour and in the Shadowing Program at our salon.”

When you’re working as a part of a high-functioning salon, success is about way more than just technique. There’s learning to understand the needs of your clients, effectively managing your time, understanding the role of light… and then there’s actually nailing your clients’ hair! As a part of the Bixie Colour Shadowing Program, emerging and professional hair colourists and stylists have the opportunity to be exposed to all of this and more; to learn more about a career as a colourist or stylist in the hair and beauty industry.

In a shadowing experience, individuals accompany Sheree Knobel through a typical work day; observing how decisions are made, engagement and consultation with colleagues occurs internally, and most importantly how to bring clients’ dreams for their hair to reality.

During these intimate, hands-on sessions, Sheree will will work with you exclusively for the duration of the sessions, in-house at the Bixie Colour salon in Sydney.


  • Exposure to a Busy Salon.
  • Back to Back Clientele Mgmt.
  • Time Management.
  • Foiling Techniques.
  • Faux Balayage.
  • Balayage & Freehand Painting.
  • Finesse & Parisian.
  • Perfect Hairlines.
  • Various Foiling Applications.
  • The Art of Low Lighting.
  • The art of toning perfectly.
  • Zone toning
  • Bixie Signature Looks.
  • Rebooking
  • How to recommend Home hair care confidently.


3rd Year Apprentices & Established Professionals.

Program Options

2 Days with Colour Director Sheree Knobel.

Program FEE

$1500 Inc.GST Per/Session


“I’m constantly in awe of the colour that comes out of her chair! Always, executed so beautifully and distinctive to her eye for placement and natural tones. Sheree is my go-to source for beautiful color that inspires me!”

Trinity Flanagan – Colourist/stylist
Atelier by Square Las Vegas

“The day I spent with you is the most influential I’ve had out of anything I’ve done to date!”

LEXI BANNISTER – Colourist/stylist

“An opportunity to shadow Sheree should not be missed. Not only will you walk away with tips and tricks like no other, you walk away with a new salon family and an insight into what makes Bixie Colour one of Australia’s most inspiring creative hubs.”

Michael Kelly – Colour Director
Edwards & co, surry hills

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