What is Hair Toner?

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Most people think that when the word toner is used, something has gone wrong right!

Your lying in the basin with your head back thinking “OMG is my hair orange? Why do I need  a toner?”.

Let me spend a minute explaining what a hair toner is?

A hair toner applied to freshly bleached or coloured hair. It is a layer of translucent colour that sits on the outside of your cuticle. Its like a lip gloss for your hair. It adds extreme shine,  just a touch of colour and leaves the hair feeling smooth and hydrated. A true toner should not change the colour of your natural hair and will only last up to 6 weeks depending on how often you shampoo your hair.

Why does my colour need one?

Hair toners are used to add colour to blonde hair. How else would you get an ash blonde, champagne, golden,  beige, sandy, the possibilities are endless. Toners allow us to play with the hue of our blonde and because they are temporary we can change them all the time.Fun right!!

When we bleach hair up to blonde we are often left with a raw looking colour so the toner adds the desired shade of blonde your looking to achieve. Simple right?!?

Hair toners are also used to counteract tone already in the hair or reignite old blonde hair and make it look fresh again.

So you can see there are many uses for a hair toner and none of them are scary.

So, next time your in the salon having your hair coloured, ask for a toner or gloss  🙂

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