Bixie is pleased to announce that Sally Skoufis Jewellery Designs are available to purchase directly from the salon.

To simply categorise Sally Skoufis as a jewellery designer does not encapsulate the passion, creative flair and unrelenting vision she has for the brand.

Designer Sally Skoufis has taken inspiration – to breathtaking effect – from techniques pioneered thousands of years ago. She believes that the key to the future can often be found in the past and skillfully combines innovative design with ancient techniques of lost wax casting to create her unique jewellery. Her team of world-class artisans finish each design by hand-placing gemstones on a sterling silver base with rhodium or 18-karat gold plating for durability. This creative process can take up to one week on a single piece of jewellery.

All at Bixie are excited to be able to share with our clients Sally’s jewellery designs. For more information, or to view her complete range, please visit