As colourists, our work is always a delicate balance between bringing our clients’ colour dreams to life and maintaining the integrity of their hair.

The truth is, in-salon treatments can cause damage, and for a while now, the industry has been well aware of the limitations this places on our ability to achieve the looks we want (after all, there’s only so much a great conditioning treatment can do).

That is, until now. Enter: Redken pH-Bonder.

In support of the new wave of “bond protectors” we at Bixie have tested Redken pH-Bonder to the absolute limit and, well, it’s love!

It works in like this:

Step 1) We add pH-Bonder’s bond protective additive to your colour, this means the bonds in your hair are being protected while you’re getting coloured, then;
Step 2) Before we shampoo and condition your hair, we leave pH-Bonder’s fibre restorative pre-wash concentrate on for ten minutes which helps repair fibres and smooth out the cuticle and then;
Step 3) You can use the post-service perfector at home to maintain your hair’s natural pH level at home.

And what do you get out of this? Well, a few things! First, using pH-Bonder means we can push your colour and lightener to the edge without the need to bump up the developer, without compromising on processing time. Outcome = better results, less damage, no extra waiting. Win, win, win! Plus, yes pH-Bonder protects the hair, but it also actively repairs. The hair becomes silky, smooth and even more hydrated than before the you walked into the salon. The balance between hair-beauty and hair-health has been struck with this little gem, we’ll tell you more when we see you next time!