Our Team

Meet our amazing team.
We are a passionate, friendly family of hairdressers who LOVE what we do.  Constant education and the development of new techniques, skills and ideas is what keeps our team at Bixie constantly evolving – ensuring our colour work remains fresh, current and always consistent.


Colour Director

Fiona Barton Bixie Colour ProfileFIONA BARTON

Salon Manager

Many hands make light work, and for no pair of hands is this truer than our Salon Manager, Fiona. After having had the pleasure of working in some of Sydney’s most elite salons, Fiona has the industry knowledge, organizational skills and fun-loving attitude to keep Bixie running smoothly.

Ali Hooper Bixie Colour Profile 2ALI HOOPER

Senior Stylist / Colourist

Ali joined Team Bixie after five years learning the tricks of the trade from industry leaders. As a result, she never compromises on quality or technique and is a pure perfectionist when it comes to her clients’ hair.  Ali brings more than just loads of experience to our team; she is dripping with the enthusiasm, passion and a sheer love of hair, typical of all members of Team Bixie. We don’t know what we’d do without her, and once she’s touched your hair, neither will you.

Penelope Baldas Bixie Colour Profile 2Penelope Baldas

Colour Director 

Our edgy Senior Colourist Penelope hails from Surry Hills, and lends some of that inner city quirkiness to our team and her clients. Penelope’s passion is “Hair colour’. Gone are her days of cutting hair which has given her the freedom to focus on what she loves most. Her passion for hair colour shines through in every client she does. Penelope loves to connect with clients about their ideas, and has a soft spot for a feminine, sun-kissed look such as you’ll see on her clients. Her colours are lived in and effortless looking. No lines or stripes to be seen.

Nasser Halbouni Bixie Colour Profile 2NASSER HALBOUNI

Senior Stylist

Nasser’s laid-back persona compliments his effortless abilities as a stylist. Not only is he a whiz with the brushes (you should see the things he can achieve with just a brush and a blow dryer – wow!) he also has a sharp, expert cutting technique. He’s so skilled in fact, that his talent is even being noticed by the industry. Nasser has recently lent his particular flair to campaigns for Witchery, Viktor and Wood and Bec and Bridge. Great hair is a given, but a fun, quirky experience is a nice little bonus with Nasser.

Dimi Saisanas Bixie Colour Profile 2DIMI SAISANAS

Colour Director / Stylist (on maternity leave)

How lucky we are to have this hair messiah bringing her city vibe to the south! Dimi brings with her 15 years’ worth of experience in one of Sydney’s best salons and time spent working alongside myriad editorial stylists and internationally trained colourists. Dimi has worked her magic on Shanina Shaik and Victoria’s Secret model Gemma Ward, and now she can do the same for Bixie clients. A booking with Dimi is fun, straight to the point and, most importantly, will result in stunning, on-trend hair.


Megan Mcaulay Bixie Colour ProfileMEGAN MCAULAY

Senior Colour Specialist

Megan is a ray of sunshine, she gives you that warm and fuzzy feel. Megan is caring and goes above and beyond to understands her clients needs always explaining expectations of what can be achieved. A passionate hair colourist, Megan puts everything she’s got into creating the most perfect colour to suit you.

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