Hands in the air if you have ever had this experience: you leave a hair salon (not Bixie, of course) and while you’re happy with your hair, it takes a week and a couple of washes for you to fall madly in love with your new locks?

If your hand is in the air, we have some epic news for you: it doesn’t need to be this way, thanks to techniques designed to give you “lived-in colour” as soon as you leave the salon.

For years and years we have all tried to make our hair look as fresh as possible. “I want the foils to look like they are growing out of my scalp” the clients would say! So whats the deal???

Yes, times are a changing and for the better we say at Bixie Colour.

When it comes to “lived-in colour” the name really says it all, it’s designed to look like it’s already a couple of weeks old, and beautifully settled.
It’s not over-coloured, the foils don’t start straight from the scalp and you don’t have to wait a few washes for your colour to brighten up.

Think Jen Hawkins (a beloved Bixie client), Rosie Huntington-Whitely and any Victoria’s Secret model instead of, say, Gwen Stefani (sorry Gwen). Even those who used to request a Gwen Stefani-esque scalp bleach are beginning to drop their roots down with a root shadow (a Bixie speciality!) so that it doesn’t look quite so fresh.

At Bixie we achieve this look in a number of ways. Sometimes we can take inspiration from the work of LA-based stylist Johnny Ramirez who, instead of creating an ombré or dip-dye look, opts to place finer, more subtle highlights throughout the hair, often not all the way to the root. This technique leaves some of the natural hair out which creates a long-lasting root shadow effect.

We can carefully paint teeny tiny babylights (or balayage) throughout the hair, producing a seamless colour that just appears, with no start or finish lines as if it were naturally lightened by the sun.

The absolute best part about a lived-in colour is that it is super easy to maintain. You can leave it for up to six months and it will still look great as it grows out and your natural growth contributes to its lived-in-ness. Or, if you miss us as much as we miss you, you can book a shorter, more regular appointment because less work is needed to top up the colour.

The best kind of colour is one that looks like YOU, and lived-in colour is a fantastic way to get there. Contact us to book an appointment to find out more.


Photographer – Eisen Nepomuceno;
Models – Cassie Matthews @ Two;
Stylist – Andie Prieto;
Hair/Makeup – Nadia Shalini