Considered an icon of style, sophistication and colour – Christophe Robin is undoubtedly a pioneer in colour solutions. Bixie Colour is honoured to make available to our clients Christophe’s natural colour protection products.

In 1999, Christophe Robin launched a line of hair care products – COLORIST Christophe Robin – initially for his own personal use. Over time the product range has gone on to be developed into a complete product line designed to nourish, moisturise and protect sensitive or fragile hair from the wearing effects of colour treatments and the outside elements, using only natural ingredients such as wheat-germ oil, lavender, lemon, camomile, bluebell and blueberry.

Christophe’s products restore the hair and protect the brilliance of their colour by preventing the leakage of pigments present in the artificial hair colour. Hair maintains its visible brilliance and richness in photographs, on film and in daily life.

“I cannot imagine colour without care. Hair is a support which has to be healthy with an extraordinary brilliance so that the colour can be itself brilliant. It was important to me that my clients were able to treat and maintain their hair and colour at their homes just as I do for them in my salon.”

“I have worked with a wonderful team of formulators to develop this special line that responds to the needs of hair that has been weakened by the effect of chemical colouring agents.”

All of Christophe’s products are free from paraben, alcohol, silicon, oxidising agents, ammonium, colouring agents (except for the colour variation care-product line) and SLS.

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